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Currently, the AICS is supporting two studies in Santa Monica; The Cancer Project provides highly sensitive screening for patients with genetic or environmental risk of Cancer as well as those who have previously been treated for Cancer. The BRCA Project specifically targets those with a genetic predisposition to Breast Cancer.  The BRCA project provides a piece of mind for those who have undergone treatment and who live in fear of recurrence or proliferation of invasive cells.  

Your support will help to expedite the acceptance of this screening into mainstream medicine.  When we, with a simple blood test, can detect the presence of invasive cells at an early stage, this will radically change the way we approach cancer treatment and potentially the patient’s ability to survive a cancer diagnosis.  

Academy of Innovative Cancer Strategies (AICS) is a 501c3 fiscally sponsored by the Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine (IRCM).  Its mission is to educate and support physicians and patients regarding early detection and innovative approaches to cancer treatment and prevention. 

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